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Revision as of 19:16, 5 October 2019 by MartijnBraam (talk | contribs)

Not all webbrowsers are usable on a phone without hardware keyboard, here's an overview of browsers that are packaged in Alpine Linux and thus can be used with postmarketOS

browser armv7 aarch64 x86_64 engine library notes
firefox not packaged not packaged  ? gecko Alpine Linux hasn't packaged non-x86_64 versions yet.
chromium works works with sandbox disabled  ? blink
midori works works works webkit webkit2gtk
qutebrowser dependency error dependency error  ? blink qtwebengine keyboard controlled browser
falkon runs, but takes forever crashes  ? blink qtwebengine
epiphany works works  ? webkit webkit2gtk
luakit works crashes  ? webkit webkit2gtk keyboard controlled browser
surf works not in xwayland  ? webkit webkit2gtk keyboard controlled browser
dillo works  ?  ? dillo not HTML5, no SSL support
netsurf works  ?  ? netsurf not HTML5

the ARMv7 column has been updated on 2019-07-15 with the Nokia N900 as test device. Falkon might work on devices with more memory.


Add the MOZ_USE_XINPUT2=1 environment variable to make firefox handle touchscreen events properly.