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Binary repository building PC

ollieparanoid is maintaining the binary repository PC by himself and triggering package builds manually after pmaports.git related commits land in master, but the plan is to migrate to a based infrastructure ASAP [1]. Then it should be possible for multiple people to maintain it (because multiple people can then edit the scripts hosted on pmOS infrastructure, that start jobs on, and to have automatic package building triggers.


  • Hosting: MartijnBraam
  • Domain ( dhruvkar and MartijnBraam

The website automatically publishes what's in the git repository, merge requests welcome.

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  • matrix-bot: MartijnBraam, z3ntu (hosted on z3ntu's server)

Shared accounts

Maintainer Has access
Mastodon MayeulC MayeulC, ollieparanoid, yuvadm
Twitter yuvadm ollieparanoid, yuvadm

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