Moto X

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Motorola Moto X
Moto X
Moto X
Manufacturer Motorola
Name Moto X
Codename ghost
Released 2013
Original software Android on Linux 3.4
Chipset Qualcomm MSM8960dt Snapdragon S4
CPU Dual-core Krait 200 1.7 GHz
GPU Adreno 320
Display 1280x720 (316 PPI) AMOLED
Storage 16/32 GB
Memory 2 GB


  • Xinayder

What does not work

  • The device freezes on the first boot after flashing. Rebooting it fixes the issue.

Entering "Fastboot mode"

Hold Volume Down + Power, let go of Power once the device display does something (e.g. turns from battery icon to black screen).


pmbootstrap install
pmbootstrap flasher flash_kernel
pmbootstrap flasher flash_rootfs

The device must be in bootloader mode. While flashing, it's normal to see "variable not supported!" messages.

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