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This page is outdated, and Plasma Mobile nowadays is fully packaged.

This page keeps track of what needs to be packaged to get Plasma Mobile working (#161). The minimal set of programs is already packaged (thanks to PureTryOut!). See Plasma Mobile for further documentation on getting it running.

The dependencies listed are dependencies of packages not packaged by Alpine. This list is subject to change. The list is based on this Arch repository.

Packages already in the Alpine repositories

Required packages Dependency of Packaged by Alpine Status
qt5-qttools-dev baloo, kfilemetadata, ki18n, karchive, kpty, kdelibs4support, threadweaver, plasma-framework, kwayland, plasma-workspace, kpeople, kcoreaddons, kunitconversion, kitemmodels, kemoticons, kparts, kdesignerplugin, kactivities, kdeclarative, kjsembed, knotifyconfig, ktexteditor, kholidays, kwin, krunner, kxmlrpcclient, networkmanager-qt, kdesignerplugin, kservice, kwidgetsaddons, kitemviews, kplotting, kconfig, kwindowsystem, kpackage, kdesu, kcmutils, kcrash, kdbusaddons, kcodecs, kauth, kguiaddons, knewstuff, ki18n, kdoctools, kjsembed, kservice, kcontacts, kpackage yes
lmdb-dev baloo yes
docbook-xsl kdoctools, appstream-qt, libaccounts-glib yes
taglib-dev kfilemetadata yes
qt5-qtdeclarative kpeople, kactivities, qt5-qtwebchannel, qt5-qtlocation yes
qt5-qtdeclarative-dev ki18n, plasma-maliit-framework, plasma-maliit-plugin yes
py3-qt5 ki18n, kcoreaddons, kitemmodels, kwidgetsaddons, kitemviews, kconfig, kdbusaddons, kcodecs, kauth, kguiaddons, kconfigwidgets yes
qt5-qtbase karchive, threadweaver, kwayland, kcoreaddons, kitemmodels, kjs, kholidays, appstream-qt, networkmanager-qt, kwidgetsaddons, kitemviews, kplotting, kconfig, kcodecs, kdecoration, qt5-qtpolkit, qt5-qtpackagekit yes
qt5-qtsvg kjsembed yes
qt5-qtgraphicaleffects plasma-phone-components yes
networkmanager networkmanager-qt, packagekit yes
networkmanager-dev kdelibs4support yes
mesa-dev threadweaver, kservice, kplotting, kcrash, kguiaddons, kconfigwidgets yes
giflib khtml yes
gperf-dev khtml, kcodecs yes
qt5-qtquickcontrols plasma-framework yes
libgit2 ktexteditor yes
libxml2 libqalculate, appstream-qt, libaccounts-glib yes
wayland kwayland yes
gpsd-dev plasma-workspace yes
libepoxy kdeclarative yes
gconf-dev qt5-qtlocation yes
util-macros xmessage yes
glib libqalculate, appstream-qt yes
perl-xml-parser libqalculate yes
intltool libqalculate, packagekit yes
libxaw xmessage yes
font-noto plasma-integration yes
gobject-introspection appstream-qt, packagekit yes
itstool appstream-qt yes
vala appstream-qt, packagekit yes
gtk-doc libaccounts-glib, packagekit yes
libical kcalcore yes
dbus-glib libaccounts-glib, packagekit yes
sqlite libaccounts-glib, packagekit yes
py-gobject libaccounts-glib yes
libxfixes kwindowsystem yes
automoc4 breeze, kdelibs. qt5-qtpolkit yes
polkit packagekit yes
polkit-dev qt5-qtpolkit yes
shared-mime-info packagekit yes
snowball appstream-qt yes
dbus-glib telepathy-glib yes
gtk-doc telepathy-farstream yes
glib-doc telepathy-farstream yes
vala telepathy-glib yes
gobject-introspection telepathy-farstream, telepathy-glib yes

Packages yet to be packaged

Required packages Dependency of Packaged by Alpine Status
extra-cmake-modules all KDE packages no, only an outdated version (5.31.x rather than 5.36.x) compiles
karchive kdoctools, kfilemetadata, kemoticons, kpackage no compiles
qt5-qtscript-dev ki18n yes for all architectures, except armhf due to a build failure. It however compiles fine now upstreamed
kdecoration breeze no compiles
autoconf-archive packagekit no compiles
libyaml appstream-qt no compiles
kwindowsystem kactivities, kcrash no compiles
kwidgetsaddons kpeople, kconfigwidgets no compiles
kitemviews kpeople no compiles
kcoreaddons kpty, kactivities, kcontacts, kpackage, kcrash, kauth no compiles
kunitconversion kdelibs4support no compiles
kitemmodels kdelibs4support no compiles
libutempter kpty no doesn't compile, glibc is required
kwayland plasma-maliit-framework, plasma-framework, plasma-integration, kscreenlocker no compiles
poppler-qt5 kfilemetadata no, only a qt4 version compiles
kdoctools plasma-mobile, kdelibs4support, plasma-framework, plasma-workspace, kded, kdesignerplugin, kjs, kjsembed, kde-cli-tools, milou, kwin, krunner, kdesignerplugin, kservice, kcalcore, kinit, kpackage, kscreenlocker no compiles
kfilemetadata baloo no compiles
kidletime baloo, kscreenlocker no compiles
polkit-qt5 kauth no compiles
kcrash kservice no compiles
kdbusaddons kservice, kio no compiles
kcodecs kcontacts, kconfigwidgets no compiles
kconfig kactivities, kservice, kcontacts, kio, kconfigwidgets no compiles
kpackage kdeclarative, frameworkintegration no compiles
networkmanager-qt plasma-workspace no compiles
kservice kpeople, kemoticons, kdesu, kinit, kio no compiles
solid kio no compiles
media-player-info kio no compiles
kauth kconfigwidgets no compiles
kguiaddons kconfigwidgets no compiles
kconfigwidgets libksysguard, kbookmarks no compiles
kiconthemes kbookmarks no compiles
kcompletion ktextwidgets no compiles
sonnet ktextwidgets no compiles
ktextwidgets kxmlgui no compiles
kglobalaccel kxmlgui no compiles
kxmlgui kbookmarks no compiles
kbookmarks kio no compiles
kjobwidgets kio no compiles
kio baloo, kparts, kdesignerplugin, kdeclarative, knotifyconfig, kactivitymanagerd, plasma-integration, kxmlrpcclient, kdesignerplugin, kinit, knewstuff no compiles
kactivitymanagerd plasma-workspace no compiles
knotifyconfig plasma-workspace no compiles
kjs khtml, kjsembed no compiles
kactivities plasma-framework no compiles
kdeclarative plasma-framework, kcmutils, kscreenlocker no compiles
knotifications plasma-framework no compiles
plasma-framework plasma-samegame, plasma-settings, kwin no compiles
cln libqalculate no compiles
kemoticons kdelibs4support no compiles
kinit kded no compiles
kded kdelibs4support no compiles
kparts kdelibs4support, khtml, ktexteditor no compiles
kpeople plasma-phone-components no compiles
kjsembed plasma-workspace no compiles
kdesignerplugin plasma-workspace, kdelibs4support, kcalcore no compiles
kdelibs4support plasma-settings, plasma-workspace, kcalcore no compiles
frameworkintegration breeze no compiles
kpty kdesu no compiles
kdesu kde-cli-tools no compiles
kcmutils kde-cli-tools, kwin, kscreenlocker, breeze no compiles
ktexteditor plasma-workspace no compiles
threadweaver krunner no compiles
krunner breeze, plasma-workspace, milou no compiles
kscreenlocker kwin no compiles
breeze kwin, plasma-integration no compiles
kwin plasma-workspace no compiles
milou plasma-workspace no compiles
baloo plasma-mobile, plasma-workspace no compiles
plasma-workspace plasma-phone-components, plasma-mobile no compiles
plasma-mobile no compiles
farstream telepathy-farstream yes, but upstream APKBUILD has wrong dependency and fails upstreamed
telepathy-glib telepathy-farstream no compiles
telepathy-farstream telepathy-qt5 no compiles
telepathy-qt5 plasma-phone-components no compiles
plasma-phone-components no compiles

Optional (extra apps and functionality, but not required to get the base working)

Required packages (Optional) Dependency of Packaged by Alpine Status
qt5-qtdeclarative-dev libqofono-qt5 yes
libqofono-qt5 no  ?
bluez gypsy yes
bluez-libs gypsy yes
libgudev gypsy yes
dbus-glib gypsy yes
libxslt gypsy yes
libxslt qt5-qtwebengine yes
libxdamage qt5-qtwebengine yes
minizip qt5-qtwebengine yes
ffmpeg qt5-qtwebengine yes
jsoncpp-dev qt5-qtwebengine yes
ninja qt5-qtwebengine yes
libvpx qt5-qtwebengine yes
libevent qt5-qtwebengine yes
libsrtp qt5-qtwebengine yes
snappy qt5-qtwebengine yes
nss qt5-qtwebengine yes
protobuf qt5-qtwebengine yes
libxcomposite qt5-qtwebengine yes
libxrandr qt5-qtwebengine yes
pciutils qt5-qtwebengine yes
gperf-dev khtml, qt5-qtwebengine, kcodecs yes
gypsy qt5-qtlocation no compiles
qt5-qtwebchannel qt5-qtwebengine no  ?
qt5-qtlocation qt5-qtwebengine no  ?
kdoctools kconfigwidgets no compiles
qt5-qtwebengine plasma-angelfish no  ?
knewstuff frameworkintegration no compiles
kcontacts libkgapi no  ?
kcalcore libkgapi no  ?
libkgapi plasma-settings no  ?
kplotting kdesignerplugin no compiles
plasma-integration plasma-workspace no  ?
plasma-maliit-framework plasma-maliit-plugin no  ?
plasma-maliit-plugin no  ?
plasma-settings no  ?
libqalculate plasma-workspace no  ?
kde-cli-tools plasma-workspace no  ?
plasma-samegame no  ?

Plasma Mobile Browser

Required packages Dependency of Packaged by Alpine Status
plasma-angelfish no  ?

Plasma Calendar

Required packages Dependency of Packaged by Alpine Status
kholidays plasma-workspace no  ?

Plasma Camera

Required packages Dependency of Packaged by Alpine Status
plasma-framework plasma-camera no compiles
plasma-camera no  ?

Okular Universal Document Viewer

Required packages Dependency of Packaged by Alpine Status
kdelibs4support okular-frameworks no compiles
khtml okular-frameworks no  ?
chmlib okular-frameworks no  ?
threadweaver okular-frameworks no compiles
kactivities-frameworks okular-frameworks no  ?
kpty okular-frameworks no  ?
okular-frameworks no  ?

Koko Image Gallery

Required packages Dependency of Packaged by Alpine Status
koko no  ?