QEMU aarch64 (qemu-aarch64)

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CPU emulation is slow! Consider using qemu-amd64 instead if x86_64 is your native architecture.


  • MartijnBraam
  • ollieparanoid


$ pmbootstrap init  # Choose device "qemu-aarch64"
$ pmbootstrap install --no-fde
$ pmbootstrap qemu --image-size=2G --display=gtk --arch=aarch64

Using the --display=gtk parameter is recommended. In the GTK interface, click on View / Show Tabs to display all available outputs as tabs next to each other. Check the serial0 output for what it is actually doing as the boot will probably take a few minutes, unless you have a very fast PC.

What works

  • Serial output
  • SSH
  • Graphical output via dri (as configured in device-qemu-aarch64 for weston)

What does not work

  • Keyboard and mouse
  • Writing to framebuffer seems to be broken (splash screen doesn't work)

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