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Update status and add information re: flashing,
| architecture = armv7
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== How to enter flash mode ==
I have as yet been '''unable to find a way to ''directly'' enter fastboot''' on this device, nor have I been able to find any hint of custom Android ROM / custom recovery development for this or info on sites like XDA-Developers.
However, one is able to reboot into the bootloader from a running Android system through ADB by running `adb reboot-bootloader` on one's host system.
== Installation ==
In theory you should be able to directly install onto the device, but due to the aforementioned difficulties getting into fastboot I have not tried this. All of my testing has been undertaken by installing onto an SD card (<code>pmbootstrap install --sdcard [device]</code>) and directly booting the kernel using <code>pmbootstrap flasher boot</code>.
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== Bootloader unlocking ==
I was able to unlock the bootloader on my device with a simple <code>fastboot oem unlock</code>, although I did not test if this works if the device is still carrier locked (in the UK, these devices were mainly sold cheaply -- and carrier locked -- by EE and O2; I was able to obtain a carrier unlock code for my device for under £1 from an eBay seller as EE is slow and charges £9 at time of writing).
== See also ==


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