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→‎flash: document deviceinfo_flash_fastboot_partition_vbmeta (
| Set this to your vendor id if fastboot requires the <code>-i</code> argument to work on your device
| <code>flash_fastboot_max_size</code>
| Set this if the fastboot required by your device has an upper limit to the size of system images it will flash.
| Size, in MB
| <code>flash_fastboot_partition_vbmeta</code>
| For [[Android_Verified_Boot_(AVB)|AVB]] devices: set vbmeta partition to be flashed with a custom vbmeta.img which has verity flag disabled ({{MR|1885}}).
| partition name, e.g. <code>vbmeta</code>
| <code>kernel_cmdline</code>

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