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{{Infobox device
| manufacturer = Samsung
| name = Galaxy S III mini
| codename = samsung-golden
| image = File:samsung-golden.jpg
| originalsoftware = Android 4.1.1
| chipset = [[ST-Ericsson NovaThor U8500]]
| cpu = 1 GHz dual-core ARM Cortex-A9| gpu = ARM Mali-400 MP1| storage = 8GB8 GB
| display = 480x800 AMOLED
| memory = 1GB1 GB
| architecture = armv7
| status_usbnet = Y
The mainline kernel can only be booted through U-Boot, not directly with the Samsung bootloader. U-Boot is installed as intermediate bootloader on the boot partition, so it does not replace the Samsung bootloader entirely. pmbootstrap can only support one bootloader configuration at the moment, which is why U-Boot is also recommended when installing the downstream kernel.
Boot into Download Mode using <code>{{Button|Power</code> }} + <code>{{Button|Volume Down</code> }} + <code>{{Button|Home</code> }} and follow the instructions at [[ST-Ericsson_NovaThor_U8500#U-Boot]] to install U-Boot.
Finally, just follow the [[Installation guide]].
* Display (partial - works but cannot be turned off properly; no brightness control)
* GPU (Mali -400 MP using Lima)
* Touchscreen
* WiFi


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