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Porting to a new device

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Device-specific package
<pre class="shell">cp -r aports/device/device-samsung-i9100 aports/device/device-vendor-name</pre>
The important files are <code>APKBUILD</code> (''build recipe, [[Glossary#apk|apk is an Alpine Linux term]]'') and [[deviceinfo]]. Please adjust them as necessary. (More For more info , see [[How_to_find_device_specific_information#Fastboot_.28bootHow to find device specific information]], particularly the section "Fastboot (boot.img) flash offsets".29_flash_offsets]])<br/> Note that if your device uses '''fastboot''' or [ '''heimdall-bootimg'''], you will need to add <code>mkbootimg</code> to the <code>depends=</code> list in the <code>APKBUILD</code>, and the following variables at the end of <code>deviceinfo</code> ([ guide], [ example]):
<pre class="shell"># Fastboot related

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