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Added video acceleration notes
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== Video acceleration ==
The rockchip rk3399 soc in the Pinebook Pro has a hardware video encoder and decoder called hantro, the open implementation supports mpeg2, h264 and h265 but not all profiles are supported on these codecs.
The hardware decoder can be used in any media player that supports libva like vlc or mpv, the extra module that's needed is libva-v4l2-request from bootlin.
After building and installing the decoder can be enabled by adding these environment variables:
<source lang="shell-session">
$ export LIBVA_DRIVER_NAME=v4l2_request
$ export LIBVA_V4L2_REQUEST_VIDEO_PATH=/dev/video1
$ mpv --hwdec video-file.mp4
== See also ==
* {{MR|882|pmaports}} Initial merge request

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