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This is an userbox showing the user's main device. <strike>If there's a wiki page for the device, it will link to it.</strike>
{{User_main_device|Nonexistent device (fake-device)}}<br>
<pre>{{User_main_device|Nokia N900 (nokia-n900)}}</pre>
{{todo|When With #ifexists, when this links to a nonexistent device, the link appears in [[Special:WantedPages]]. This is a side-effect of To avoid spamming wanted pages with nonexistent pages, we avoid using #ifexists. See [ issue T14019].}}
| border-c = #000000
| id = <p style="color: #000; font-size: 30px; display: inline;">📱</p>
| id-c = #ffffff
| info = This user's main device is a '''{{#ifexist: {{{1}}}|[[{{{1}}}]]|{{{1}}}}}'''.


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