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1.The [[Installation guide]] should cover everything. Make sure to remove the encryption from the userdata partition if you're going to use it as rootfs(you can use Format Data from TWRP if you want)!
== Mainline ==
* Wifi
:* Only 2.4GHz networks.
* USB networking
:* Works.
* Screen
:* Works, but as of this moment there's no way to turn it off, because as of now it uses a simple-panel in all but name. A proper mdss dsi entry needs to be made.
* Bluetooth
:* Not tested, but should work OOB.
Assume everything else to not work.
1. Install lk2nd. You'll need to clone [ msm8953-mainline/lk2nd]. Follow the instructions for building, and flash build-msm8953-secondary/lk2nd.img like you would with any boot image.
2. Boot into it. While the "Bootloader is unlocked" warning appears, press Volume Down. A Tux logo and a screen should appear.
3. Do the installation steps you would find at [[Installation guide]]. Flash all the necessary stuff(make sure to install the kernel inside lk2nd!) .
4. Select "START" in lk2nd, and let your device do it's thing. Hopefully a SSH connection will get open eventually :)
== See also ==


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