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There is also a work-in-progress graphical version of u-boot that can show the boot messages on the built-in display and present a menu for choosing which medium to boot. This u-boot build should also be able to boot
generic ARM64 UEFI linux installations.
== Flashing u-boot to the SPI ==
This will write a copy of the u-boot from the OS image to the SPI flash chip in the laptop. Once this has been done it will always boot from the SPI u-boot instead of the u-boot on the eMMC or SD card. This u-boot has the option to select the boot medium you want and also supports booting from USB storage.
<source lang="shell-session">
$ apk add flashrom
$ sudo flashrom --programmer linux_mtd --write /usr/share/u-boot/pine64-rockpro64/u-boot.spiflash.bin
== Video acceleration ==

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