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Add info about converting UART voltage from 3.3V to 1.8V
** The best is to have them a couple (4-8) centimeters long, to solder them, solder a connector on the other end, and scotch tape them to the pcb
** Please, don't forget to pick insulated wires
== 3.3V vs 1.8V UARTs ==
Most phones expose their UART pins on 1.8V voltage, and most USB-UART converters expect UART side to have 3.3V. This works well for receiving characters from device; this is enough to read bootloader logs or kernel boot logs (dmesg). However sending 3.3V to device that expects 1.8V is dangerous; so you can't use shell over UART without an additional effort.
You'll need a voltage divider at least on converter->device TX line: use this answer
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