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There is also a work-in-progress graphical version of u-boot that can show the boot messages on the built-in display and present a menu for choosing which medium to boot. This u-boot build should also be able to boot
generic ARM64 UEFI linux installations.
The 3 ways to boot postmarketOS on the Pinebook Pro
=== Booting from SD ===
To boot from the SD the SPI bootloader and eMMC bootloader need to be disabled. Then the SoC will fallback to a bootloader on the SD card so postmarketOS can be fully booted from SD.
The Pinebook Pro comes with an empty SPI chip from the factory so that doesn't need anything by default. To temporarily disable the eMMC booting you can open up the back cover and disable the eMMC switch on the main board or remove the eMMC chip from the socket.
=== Booting from eMMC ===
To boot it from eMMC you have to overwrite the OS that's on the eMMC already. This is possible to do from an OS booted from SD with the steps above, or by removing the eMMC from the socket and using an pine64 eMMC USB reader to write postmarketOS to it the same way as an SD card.
=== Booting from SPI ===
This requires flashing u-boot to the SPI. After u-boot has been flashed the other boot options won't be tried anymore so try at your own risk.
== Flashing u-boot to the SPI ==

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