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Add ARCHOS 101b Xenon Tablet. A lot of them are sold by La Poste in France, to old people.
* [[Samsung_Galaxy_Tab_2_10.1_(3G_and_Wifi)_(samsung-espresso10)|Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1]] (Has a supported [[Texas_Instruments_OMAP_4_(OMAP44xx)|OMAP Chip]] but it has a PowerVR GPU, which doesn't work with mainline)
* [ Toshiba AC100] ([ mainline DTS],[ uboot],[ grate driver])
* [ ARCHOS 101b Xenon]. This tablet is sold in France to old people, under the name of [ ardoiz] by [ Tikeasy], a subsidiary of [ Groupe La Poste]. Tikeasy add its softwares and graphical interface to Android. It's possible to [ restore the original Android by ARCHOS] but it's necessary to open a account on Google to activate. It's possible to [ use adb]. System-on-chip : [ MediaTek MT8735B].
== Candidate Devices ==


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