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→‎Multiple kernels: describe use cases
== Multiple kernels ==
This is relevant in case it === Use cases ===It is possible to boot your device with let the user choose between multiple kernels (most common case is the downstream kernel from the vendor for one device during <code>linux-$devicenamepmbootstrap init</code>, . Some use cases:* selection between downstream kernel and mainline kernel (e.g. because mainline isn't as functional as downstream yet)* combining similar devices in one of device package, with minor differences in:** the upstream <code>linuxdeviceinfo file (example: [*<pinetab/code> kernelsdeviceinfo#L9-10 two dtbs]).** dependencies on other packages
=== How to ===
* Remove the current kernel package from <code>depends</code> of your device's <code>APKBUILD</code>
* Add the kernel subpackages and subpackage functions. One example from <code>device-sony-amami</code>:

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