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Write down how to package git commits
* Set up the git hook from the [[development guide]] article to automatically verify checksums in your APKBUILDs and therefore making your life easier
* [[How to create a patch when packaging software]]
=== Packaging git commits ===
* <code>pkgrel</code>: We use the following format: <code>$lastrelease_gitYYYYMMDD</code>, e.g. <code>1.0_git20171101</code> (that makes it easy to see how old the commit is and <code>apk</code> is able to upgrade the package properly when the next release, e.g. <code>1.1</code>, comes out)
* Save the git commit in a variable <code>_commit=....</code> and use it throughout the <code>APKBUILD</code> (e.g. in the <code>builddir</code>!), so it's easy to update it.
=== Porting packages from Arch Linux ===

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