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add 2021-04-14
Monthly meeting of the [[:Category:Core Team|Core Team]] to move postmarketOS forward. Important discussion results are written down in this wiki page.
== 2021-04-14 ==
* Came up with a workflow for [[creating a service pack]] (new wiki page), created v21.03.1 branch and issue (see [[Releases]])
* Decided [[Packaging#Should_my_package_be_in_postmarketOS_or_Alpine.3F|which packages should be in postmarketOS and which ones should be in Alpine]] and moved some already (but didn't go through all of them in order to spend not too much time on it)
* Replace Device Wishlist wiki page with organization repository ({{issue|39|postmarketos}}) -> not worth it
* We want to do quarterly finance reports (listing how much we receive in donations, how we spend it). Ollie will look into it.
* disable charging-sdl in the initramfs as it's broken ({{issue|1064|pmaports}})
== 2021-03-16 ==

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