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(I will put some basic notes on how to achieve this over here because I found the instructions to be a bit confusing)
* Use something like a flathead screwdriver to pry open the box.
* Depending on your software version, follow the instructions.
* If you have to short it;
Roll aluminium foil into a pointy needle thing and then short DAT0 according to the diagram. (you have to bridge the aluminium roll between DAT0 and the big silver GND)
Source Code of the Original Firmware (presumably includes the kernel), provided by Amazon themselves!
Processor Specifications
Note: The CPU is the SoC is the Mediatek MT8173C, not the MT8173, the only (as far as I can tell) difference between the two is that the MT8173C has a 2.1 Ghz clockspeed, slightly lower than the 2.4Ghz of the MT8173.


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