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It seems like the bootloader doesn't handle flashing the boot and userdata partition correctly, the official firmware package flashes an "Android blob" to the staging partition with fastboot which triggers an flashing screen on the tablet which copies the data to the correct partitions.
It looks like someone made a tool After unlocking the device the blobs still needs to generate the android blob files here: have some signature which can be generated by []. This repository adds the -s option to sign the generated blobs. <source lang="shell-session">$ ./ export /example...$ blobpack -s output.blob LNX /example/boot.img-asus-tf300t APP asus-tf300t.imgFound 2 partitions as commandline argumentsPartname: LNX Filename: boot.img-asus-tf300tPartname: APP Filename: asus-tf300t.imgSize: 602 partitions starting at offset 0x3COffset: 92$ fastboot flash staging output.blobtarget didn't report max-download-sizesending 'staging' (680522 KB)...OKAY [113.288s]writing 'staging'...FAILED (remote: (InvalidSize))finished. total time: 116.623s</source> The update doesn't get updated yet with this code but at least the bootloader doesn't freeze anymore after the flashing command.

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