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Here is == Quick start ==Create a template for a new package called <code>mynewpackage</code> in <code>aports/main</code>:<syntaxhighlight lang="shell-session">$ pmbootstrap newapkbuild main mynewpackage[21:34:27] Create /home/user/code/pmbootstrap/aports/main/mynewpackage[21:34:27] Done</syntaxhighlight> We directly use <code>newapkbuild</code> from Alpine, which has lots of parameters to quickly customize the templates it generates:<syntaxhighlight lang="shell-session">$ pmbootstrap newapkbuild main -hnewapkbuild 3.1.0-r4 - generate a practical approach on how new APKBUILDUsage: newapkbuild [-n NAME] [-d DESC] [-l LICENSE] [-u URL] [-aCpy] [-s] [-cfh] PKGNAME[-PKGVER]|SRCURLOptions: -n Set package name to NAME -d Set package description (pkgdesc) to port packages from other Linux distributions DESC -l Set package license to pmOS LICENSE -u Set package URL -a Create autotools package (use ./configure ...) -C Create CMake pakckage (Assume cmake/ is there) -m Create meson package (Assume is there) -p Create perl package (Assume Makefile.PL is there) -y Create python package (because that Assume is usually the fastest waythere) -s Use sourceforge source URL -c Copy a sample init.d, conf. Feel free to extend this informationd, and install script to add other directory -f Force even if directory already exist -h Show this help</syntaxhighlight>
== General information ==
{{note|This section is hard to read, feel free to rewrite.}}
* Please read [ this section] from our upstream friends wiki (''which we should also extend and improve'')
== Porting packages from Arch Linux ==
Arch Linux' <code>PKBUILD</code> format is similar to <code>APKBUILD</code> of Alpine. If you don't know how to package a new program, check out how Arch does it.
=== Find the package ===

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