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Xiaomi Redmi 1S (xiaomi-armani)

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What does not work: Sound: driver requires probe deferral
* Screen: framebuffer console (no kernel boot log printed on the display)
* Wifi: rfkill (no support for blocking wireless via rfkill block wifi or nmcli radio wifi off). The only way to block wireless is unloading wlan module (``rmmod wlan`` or ``/etc/init.d/wlanarmani stop``)
* Sound: msm8226-asoc-tapan can't be built into kernel directly, since the module requests probe deferral.: Here is part of kernel log with msm8226-asoc-tapan built directly into the kernel.<pre>[ 2.116756] msm8226-asoc-tapan sound-9302.43: Property 'qcom,audio-routing' does not exist or its length is not even[ 2.116772] msm8226-asoc-tapan: probe of sound-9302.43 failed with error -22[ 2.136644] platform sound.42: Driver msm8226-asoc-tapan requests probe deferral</pre>: Will investigate it later.* Other hardware features are untested (3D, sound, bluetooth, modem, gps, accelerometer)
* Xorg based UI: postmarketos-ui-xfce4 displays nothing on the screen.

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