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Xiaomi Redmi 1S (xiaomi-armani)

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Installation: divide into two methods
== Installation ==
=== pmbootstrap flasher method ===
{{Note|This method provides complete root filesystem contents. Even with this method, the boot loop issue remains.}}
* Put the device into fastboot mode by holding both VolumeKeyDown + Power buttons or rebooting into bootloader from the twrp reboot menu.
* Connect the device to the computer via usb cable
* Bootstrap PostmarketOS, adding debug-shell hook during the process
::<code>$ pmbootstrap init #select xiaomi-armani</code>
::<code>$ pmbootstrap initfs hook_add debug-shell</code>
::<code>$ pmbootstrap install --no-fde</code>
* Flash the kernel and system
::<code>$ pmbootstrap flasher flash_kernel</code>
::<code>$ pmbootstrap flasher flash_system</code>
* Reboot the device
::<code>$ fastboot reboot</code>
=== Android sideload method ===
{{Note|With {{github|1333}}, installation using doesn't provide complete root filesystem.}}
* Put the device into TWRP recovery, either by booting twrp image via fastboot directly or by pressing VolumeKeyUp + Power button after flashing TWRP recovery image.
* Connect the device to the computer via usb cable

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