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Installation: add ssh command
== Installation ==
* installed system on sdcard:** put (empty/overwritable) SD-card into host cardreader** pmbootstrap install --no-fde --sdcard=/dev/...** put SD-Card, now containing pmOS into tablet** pmbootstrap flasher flash_kernel # after this command finishes, device reboots and pmOS starts :-)** had to follow [[USB_Network#Assigning_an_IP_address]] as IP to host computer was not automatically assigned:*** sudo ip link set TheNetDevName address 12:12:12:12:12:12*** sudo ip address add dev TheNetDevName*** sudo dhclient -v TheNetDevName* ssh -p 22 user@
=== More Historical Details / Hints for Developers ===
except that LineageOS boot image sets a BOARD_NAME, BOARD_OS_VERSION and BOARD_OS_PATCH_LEVEL. boot.img-dtb files inside are identical.
== See also ==

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