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* <code>linux-*</code> packages: We always set the <code>pkgver</code> to the kernel version number and only increase it when the kernel source code has a new version number. All kernel config changes only increase the <code>pkgrel</code> number. In the case, that the linux kernel sources need to be updated, but the kernel version was not changed (Android kernel forks often do this), we can add a <code>_gitYYYYMMDD</code> suffix (see "Packaging git commits" above).
* <code>device-*</code> packages: This was not done consistently in the past, but it makes sense to update the <code>pkgver</code> when anything but the <code>APKBUILD</code> was changed. Because that is essentially the version of the software being packaged.
=== Outdated config.sub/config.guess from autotools ===
In case the <code>config.sub</code> or <code>config.guess</code> are outdated, change the APKBUILD's prepare block to the following:
<syntaxhighlight lang="bash">
prepare() {
== Porting packages from Arch Linux ==

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