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== What works ==
* Touchscreen
* Weston (has the red screen bug, but we have a workaround for that now 👍 )
== What does not work ==
* XWayland
* fbsplash only displays splash images very shortly, then goes to black screen
Looks like, we need to package the [ wcnss.* files] for wifi. A version from 2015 can be found [ here]. It's a Qualcomm chip.
== freedreno / Mainline =={{note|See [[The Mainline Kernel]] for a general introduction to mainlining.}}Currently we only have a downstream vendor kernel packaged, not the mainline kernel. The <code>lg-mako</code> has the same [ freedrenoSystem_on_a_chip SoC] project brings an open source kernel driver for 3D acceleration. You would still need to run as the proprietary blob <code>asus-flo</code>, and on the GPU, but latter it makes 3D acceleration is possible at allto run [https://plus. There is Android on a backport of freedreno to the 3.4 kernel, but the display doesn't work there. According close to robclark from Freedreno, it makes more sense to get [[The Mainline Kernel|mainline]] going:.
: ''tbhThis means, that most peripherals of the <code>mako</code> should work with mainline as well, once they are enabled in the exception of perhaps making phone calls DTS file. In fact, @vetzki reported in {{github|1079}} that the <code>mako</code> boots when using exactly the same DTS as the one from <code>flo</code> (modem)this is not recommended, upstream support for 8064 should be decent (as misconfiguring your device like the work that john stultz did on n7 tabletmay damage it).SSH appears to be working for a short time before getting kicked out, the display does not work. so I probably wouldn't try too hard on ancient 3.4 stuff''
Let us know if you're interested in doing this A good way forward would be using a minimal version of the <code>flo</code> DTS, where everything but USB is deleted, and talk fixing USB / trying to opendata26 (from postmarketOS) get the display working with the [ DSI Panel Porting Guide]. The downstream DTSI files that need to be ported to the upstream kernel are probably located [ here], and robclark I guess the exact panel name appears when running <code>dmesg</code> after a successful boot (from freedrenoI did not verify this). With their help Please expand this when you're working on it should be quite feasible, and report your progress in #postmarketOS. Check out the [[Mainline Guide]].
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