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Google Pixel (google-pixel)

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=== Untested steps ===
==== Backup with TWRP ===Take precaution here, and keep backups. This section if this is all theoretical and has not been tested as of writingyour primary device.
* [ Download the latest TWRP (both img and zip)]
* From the TWRP directory, run the fastboot command: <pre>#fastboot boot <nowiki><your-twrp.img></nowiki></pre>
* At this point, TWRP will load
* Be sure Take your backup, note this does not include the user data directory. You need to copy that slot A is active before continuing:over with MTP as well. === Fastboot without flashing ===
#fastboot set_active a
#fastboot reboot bootloader
#fastboot reboot recoverypmbootstrap flasher boot

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