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Tracking PIM suite and mobile interface components: Graphical installer/setup tool comments
| gpe-julia, openttd
| gpe-tetris; gpe-lights; gsoko; xdemineur (minesweeper clone); cgoban (needs internet connection to be really fun); 2048-qt; Cave Story (in form of open-source NXEngine) also works fine without any hardware acceleration, and is very fun.
! scope="row"| Graphical package-management
| Not working
| [ #1417]: Add apk backend support to PackageKit. This is a real blocker. We could also bungle some support onto one of the OPKG/IPKG frontends that have been lost to the mists of time (Ångström had such a package management tool).
! scope="row"| Graphical installer/set-up tool
| Not working
| These are actually two different issues, but they're related. The former can be solved in pmbootstrap and isn't really essential as it stands. The latter can be partially worked-around by having good defaults. Nonetheless, there is a need for a simple tool to e.g.
# Set up users,
# Set up a wireless network and/or mobile network,
# Teach users the basic layout of the system.
One might also comment that creation of users is a function of pmbootstrap currently, but that it may not be desirable in the future, depending on which direction things go.
! scope="row"| Image gallery
! scope="row"| Wireless networks and mobile broadband
| Not Partially working| wpa_gui mostly works| gpe-aerial wpa_gui works (?with minor manual configuration), gpe-bluetooth (?), networkt\managerbut is merely a frontend for wpa_supplicant. I'd like to get NetworkManager working properly.

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