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Matchbox Window Manager: Information about Matchbox in PMOS
| imagecaption = The GPE Palmtop Environment running on a Sharp Zaurus model SL-C860 PDA, with the original implementation of Matchbox
== Matchbox Window Manager ==
A major component of embedded Linux distributions targeted at handhelds and PDAs, such as OpenZaurus, the Ångström distribution, and even Maemo, was the Matchbox Window Manager.
The main raison d'être for Matchbox is that:
* It is very lightweight. It consumes a couple of MB of memory and has little CPU usage.
* It presents only one window at a time, like traditional PDA interfaces e.g. Palm OS.
=== Status ===
Its main components are as follows:
{| class="wikitable"
! scope="col"| Component name
! scope="col"| Status
! scope="col"| Package name in PMOS
! scope="col"| Package version in PMOS
! scope="col"| Description
! scope="col"| Comments
! scope="row"| libmatchbox
| Ported
| libmatchbox
| 1.12
| Library for matchbox window manager
| The main library behind Matchbox. It is used so that window managers can use and customise its window management functionality without having to bundle the full matchbox-window-manager.
! scope="row"| matchbox-common
| Ported
| matchbox-common
| 0_git20070606
| Common data files for Matchbox
| Includes files like the session, some basic configuration data like which directories are shown by the matchbox-desktop (via the [ Desktop Menu Specification]). It starts the panel, the desktop interface and the window manager.
! scope="row"| matchbox-desktop
| Ported
| matchbox-desktop
| 2.0
| Desktop system for handhelds using the GTK+2 stack
| A desktop interface that runs behind the programs in Matchbox. The panel includes a home button that can bring this to the front, so that other programs can be switched to.
! scope="row"| matchbox-keyboard
| Ported
| matchbox-keyboard
| 0.1.1
| An on-screen virtual keyboard
| It has GTK+2 and GTK+3 input method support, and can build a (currently non-working) panel applet for matchbox panel version 2. It also has cairo integration.
! scope="row"| matchbox-panel
| Ported
| matchbox-panel
| 2.11_git20161123
| Simple GTK+3-based panel for handheld devices
| This is a rewrite of the original matchbox-panel. It has GTK+3 support. However, some of the panel applets don't work quite how they should, e.g. the systray is seemingly always empty. However, e.g. notifications show up and the user can press a button to view the desktop. Ideally they would be able to control system reboot/shutdown/logout from the panel, too.
! scope="row"| matchbox-window-manager
| Ported
| matchbox-window-manager
| 2.0_git20171119
| Window manager intended for non-desktop embedded platforms such as handhelds and set-top boxes
| This is a rewrite of the original matchbox-window-manager. It removes xsettings support in favor of GTK+2 integration and also has PNG theme support (not enabled yet). It also has pango integration.
== What is the GPE Palmtop Environment? ==
* [ OpenMoko's list of applications]
* [ 'Building consumer products with open source'] - Insightful essay by Ari Jaaksi, Nokia's director of open source
* [ 'Matchbox: Window-management not for the desktop']

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