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== What is the The GPE Palmtop Environment? ==
The GPE Palmtop Environment is a GTK+-based user interface for PDA devices. It's similar to OPIE (The Open Palmtop Integrated Environment) or QtMoko. GPE is designed to be extremely lightweight and small in size.
* [ Some high-quality (?) screenshots]
=== Status ===The status of GPE and associated programs in PostmarketOS ([ WIP branch]) ==is as follows:
{| class="wikitable"
! scope="row"| matchbox-window-manager
| Ported
| X environment for resource-limited systems
| Matchbox is useful for PDAs as it only displays one window at a time, and the panel is stylus-friendly. Similarly it scales well for small displays. So it is worth porting it (at the time of writing, matchbox-keyboard is already packaged) either as a single package or as each separate component packaged.
| High
! scope="row"| sqlite2

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