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Pimlico Project, Sync, and miscellaneous PIM applications: Mirror of sources and link to OpenSync website archive
* [ Forum post about the Pimlico suite]
* [ Sync support discussion page]
* [ Mirror of source tarballs]
It is composed of the following four components:
* [ Tasks] - plan tasks etc
* [ Contacts] - make a record of contact information
** Unfortunately, the last release, [, appears to be lost forever12. The file is not available on the internet archive, nor is it available on any mirror I could findtar. gz Mystery 0.8 is available on the internet archive, however.12 version]
* Sync - synchronise the applications with external sources
** Unfortunately, OpenHand's website is now defunct, so Sync's source code appears to be inaccessible there. However, Sync appears to have been mirrored at That being said, it's not clear if they're the same program.
** Sync is based on the (seemingly) now-defunct (or at least dormant?) [ OpenSync ] project, so it is probably not worth porting. Other mobile synchronisation programs such as KDEConnect are probably worth looking at.

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