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Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 (Wi-Fi) (samsung-n5110)

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Updated status on charging-sdl, osk-sdl and WiFi
* Weston including touch
* Xfce4 (recommended) including touch and pen
* WiFi using the <code>firmware-samsung-i9305</code>- but: NetworkManager does not work, see
* Bluetooth works partially as described for the [[Samsung_Galaxy_SIII_I747_(samsung-i747m)#Bluetooth|Galaxy SIII]] but the device is <code>/dev/ttySAC0</code>
* Audio, see [[Audio#WM1811]] for more instructions. Both an pre-configured saved state as well as the ucm profiles are included.
* charging-sdl
== What does not work ==
* Bluetooth pairing with bluez5 (bluez4 is working, more on that soon)
* [[osk-sdl]], charging-sdl - neither the charging animation nor FDE most likely does not work. See [ osk-sdl#78] for details including a possible fix as some kernel options are missing (which needs patching sdl2can be easily fixed probably if FDE is desired).
* Camera

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