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Teclast X80 Pro (teclast-x80pro)

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Much more detail to be added, but basic outline:
* Install Arch Linux to USB key (Download ISO, dd if=archlinux-*.iso of=/dev/sdXY status=progress). Note: The Arch Linux is only used once to modify the boot files and to install postmarketOS.* Connect keyboard and USB stick to tablet (through USB hub usually works best).* The postmarketOS files (vmlinuz-teclast-x80pro, initramfs-teclast-x80pro, teclast-x80pro.img) should be available, e.g. on an SD card inserted in the Teclast device.
* Enter EFI/BIOS (Either enter bios directly by tapping esc/del, or through Windows -> settings -> Update/Recovery -> Recovery -> Advanced -> Reboot Now -> Additional Options -> UEFI Firmware Interface)
* Scroll over to "Boot"
* At the bottom, there are a list of overrides for this boot, select your USB stick.
* Wait for Arch Linux to boot and give you a shell.
* <pre>mount /dev/mmcblk0p2 /boot/efi</pre>
* <pre>refind-install --root /boot/efi</pre>
* <pre>mkdir /mnt/boot/EFI/pmos && cp vmlinuz-teclast-x80pro /mnt/boot/EFI/pmos/vmlinuz && cp initramfs-teclast-x80pro /mnt/boot/EFI/pmos/initramfs.img</pre>
* <pre>dd if=teclast-x80pro.img of=/dev/mmcblk0p9</pre>
* Reboot. At OS selection, choose Android. You will see the rEFInd menu, select the postmarketos postmarketOS kernel(the file name under the icon should contain pmos). You should be booted into postmarketOS!

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