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* Old handhelds, PDAs and electronic readers
* Geocaching, GPS, navigation, mapping etc
* Save useful devices from the tip
* Resurrect the GPE Palmtop Environment for personal information management (PIM)
* Get the Matchbox window manager working well
* Make PMOS usable for stylus-based navigation, and be able to use handhelds to play light games e.g. Cave Story.
* Geocaching with Nokia N900, Nook Simple Touch, etc
* B&N Nook Simple Touch, e-readers various
* Zipit Z2
* Nokia N900
* Motorola Droid 4, Motorola Flipout
* Sharp Zaurus C860, other PDAs running Windows CE various
* HP Ipaq, various
* Dead Nexus 6 with BIG cluster dead and locked bootloader
'''p.s.''' contact me on IRC if any of this is of remote interest (it's pretty boring really)

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