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Tracking PIM suite and mobile interface components: Program launchers
* Dim the screen automatically (already turns off after a while on N900)
* There should be a proper panel plugin and associated battery-monitoring program, e.g. see [ xfce4-battery-plugin] which appears to also provide a panel applet
! scope="row"| Program launcher
| Partially working
| There are a number of programs that will merely launch programs. However, they are quite varied and naturally satisfy different niches, or are not suitable as standalone programs. Some examples include:
* The Matchbox desktop program (works well with caveats)
* [ Gmenu2x], a graphical launcher suitable for handheld games consoles and was used on the Ben Nanonote handheld
* Various window managers'/desktop environments' panels and app launcher programs
* Sugar desktop (used to use Matchbox, moved to Metacity)
* It should be possible to customise AwesomeWM for handheld form-factor etc.
! scope="row"| RFID/NFC

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