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* <code>pkgrel</code>: Alpine/postmarketOS package release number. Starts at 0 (zero). Always increment <code>pkgrel</code> when making updates to an aport; reset <code>pkgrel</code> to 0 (zero) when incrementing <code>pkgver</code>.
Special As a general rule, whenever a change is made to upstream sources, pkgver should be increased.When packaging-related files (APKBUILD, any post-install scripts, patch files to upstream sources, etc) are changed, pkgrel should be increased. Edge cases are packages without upstream sources (ex. gr. main/postmarketos-mkinitfs), where the source files are included in the package directory.In those cases, the packaged sources should be treated as upstream sources, and the pkgver should increase when they are edited. Other special cases, where this is not so obvious:
* <code>linux-*</code> packages: We always set the <code>pkgver</code> to the kernel version number and only increase it when the kernel source code has a new version number. All kernel config changes only increase the <code>pkgrel</code> number. In the case, that the linux kernel sources need to be updated, but the kernel version was not changed (Android kernel forks often do this), we can add a <code>_gitYYYYMMDD</code> suffix (see "Packaging git commits" above).
* <code>device-*</code> packages: This was not done consistently in the past, but it makes sense to update the <code>pkgver</code> when anything but the <code>APKBUILD</code> was changed. Because that is essentially the version of the software being packaged.


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