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update URL to tag a release
Checklist for creating a <code>pmbootstrap</code> release:
* set version in <code>pmb/config/</code>:** bump pmbootstrap version** update <code>apk_tools_static_min_version</code> to the new version[ current one in Alpine Linux]** commit with the message "Prepare x.x.x release"* [ tag a release in gitlab ]** fill out "release notes" (we can use markdown there), leave "message" empty** look at the [ previous commits to write a good description of what changed] and copy paste the commit message titles, including the MR ID, like done in the [ previous tags]). Sort by features, fixes and other.
* update the pypi release (see the script in {{issue|1679}})
* update the pmbootstrap aport in pmaports Alpine's aports (change the pkgrel, update the checksum, build; see script below)* if future changes in pmaports will require the new pmbootstrap version, increase it in pmaports.git's pmaports.cfg file  Script to partially automatize the upgrade in Alpine's aports (one still needs to copy over relevant changes to Alpine's aport, but pkgver and checksums are updated automatically): <source lang="bash">#!/bin/sh -ex cd ~/code/pmbootstrappkgver_new=$(cat pmb/config/ | grep "^version =" | cut -d\" -f 2) # make sure chroot is set uppmbootstrap chroot -- true # e.g. "pmbootstrap-1.15.0-r1"current="$(pmbootstrap -q chroot -- apk search pmbootstrap)"pkgver_old="$(echo "$current" | cut -d- -f 2)" pmbootstrap pullpmbootstrap -y aportgen --fork-alpine pmbootstrap cd /home/user/code/pmbootstrap/aports/temp/pmbootstrapsed -i "s/pkgver=$pkgver_old/pkgver=$pkgver_new/g" APKBUILDpmbootstrap checksum pmbootstrappmbootstrap build pmbootstrap</source> [[Category:Guide]]

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