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Porting to a new device

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==== Source code ====
{{note|<code>APKBUILD</code> has [[Glossary#apk|nothing to do]] with Android's app format!}}
First of all, [[How-to-find-device-specific-information#LineageOS_kernel_source_repository|find the source code]] of the known working kernel fork(lowest known working version is 3.x, 2.6 doesn't compile with GCC6), then and adjust the <code># Source</code> section in the <code>aports/device/linux-wiki-example/APKBUILD</code> file. For LineageOS kernels, you will only need to change <code>_repository</code> and <code>_commit</code> variables. Usually it makes sense to use a commit from the most recently updated branch. For example, if the kernel repo is at <code></code>, enter: <code>_repository="android_device_motorola_ghost"</code>.
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