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Potential apps

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|[ browser Ubports webbroswer-appMorph browser]
|WebbrowserMorph browser (previously known as webbrowser-app ) is a lightweight touch-friendly web browser tailored for Ubuntu, based on the Oxide web engine.
|[ epiphany Gnome web (epiphany)]
|The web browser for the GNOME desktop. Purism is working on making it phone-friendly for their Librem 5 phone.
* [ Tizen Store] - Unknown compatibility with pmOS
* [ LuneOS apps] - Will require some reworking for pmOS
* [ Mobile GNU/Linux Apps] - A similar list
===Other frameworks===
* [ Ginn] - Allows non-multitouch-aware applications to support multitouch gestures making a lot more applications usable on a touchscreen. []
* [ MicroEmulator] - Runs J2ME MIDP feature phone applications on Linux devices. Can be used to run apps e.g. Opera Mini and Facebook, for the pmOS feature phone idea.

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