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Successful: add qemu related patches
=== Successful ===
* <code>2018-12-20</code> Weston: [ compositor-fbdev: add support for ABGR]
* <code>2018-12-31</code> Alpine: [ enable virglrenderer in Qemu aport] (-> now we were able to remove our temp/qemu fork!)* <code>2018-07-04</code> Qemu: [ module: Use QEMU_MODULE_DIR as a search path]* <code>2017-09-22</code> Alpine Linux: [ clutter: add libxi-dev makedepend]
* <code>2017-09-22</code> SDL2: [ Fix directfb compile error relating to C90]
* <code>2017-09-11</code> ofono: [ Fix initialization of isimodem driver]
* <code>2017-08-28</code> SDL2: [ Default libGL path for directFB on Linux differs from x11 path]
* <code>2017-08-14</code> SDL2: [ DirectFB linux_input disabled by default]
* <code>2017-08-03</code> Alpine Linux: [ add consolekit2]
* <code>2017-07-21</code> abuild: [ <code>-D</code> parameter for alternative description]
* <code>2017-07-07</code> Alpine Linux: [ busybox-extras with telnetd enabled]
* <code>2017-05-23</code> weston: [ instead of less than 1 Hz use default refresh rate]

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