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Meizu Pro 5 (meizu-turbo)

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| status_usbnet = Y
| status_flashing = P
| status_touch = Y| status_screen = NY
| status_wifi =
| status_xwayland =
The device is accessible with telnet hook and via SSH (after additional procedure)
In order to workaround this problem you can compile a custom eudev package with this patch: install it on the system Current aport does not contain firmware blobs. Adding them might fix the eudev problem. === Procedure Getting device to get the device booting till the SSH boot in spite of uedev ===
Install PostmarketOS's telnet debug hook, log on with telnet, then execute:
In If you want just to boot to SSH, in chroot, comment out the offendig string, e.g. with sed replaceor vi in /etc/init.d/udev-trigger.rc ''' udevadm trigger --type=devices --action=add''' If you want to make the device boot to UI as normal, you should install patched eudev package (see above) at this point and reboot
=== Getting the display to render frames ===

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