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Sony Xperia Z (sony-yuga)

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| manufacturer = Sony
| memory = 2GB
=== Contributors ===
* opendata (help via IRC)
=== Special keycombo's ===
* Boot to bootloader(fastboot): unplug device, hold volume up and plug usb into device
* Reset if stuck: hold volume up and power button till the phone shakes
=== Non-standard notes === The Xperia Z does not have a recovery partition, so flashing PostmarketOS erases any recovery you have installed. Instructions across the internet for reinstalling a custom recovery are almost all incorrect. To install a custom recovery on the Xperia Z:* put the device in fastboot mode* run <code>fastboot flash boot recovery.img</code> (replace <code>recovery.img</code> with the filename of your recovery of choice) === What works ===
* charging
* touchscreen
=== What has not been tested ===
* Bluetooth
* Wifi
=== Issues ===
* Launching Weston is delayed by 135 seconds to let udev settle down
=== Other information ===
* When red leds are flashing, offsets are wrong
* LineageOS boot.img is far larger because the recovery is inside it
=== Links ===
* [ Kernel Source]

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