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Apple iPod Touch 1G (apple-ipt1g)

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[[Category:Unsupported Devices]]
[[Category:Devices]]{{Infobox device| manufacturer =Apple| name = iPod Touch (1G)| codename = apple-ipt1g| image = File:Apple iPod Touch 1G.png| imagecaption = Apple iPod Touch (1G)| releaseyear = 2007| originalsoftware = iPhone OS 1.0| cpu = Apple/Samsung ARM (400MHz)| gpu = | storage = 8/16/32GB| display = 320x480| memory = 128MB}}== Contributors ===
* MartijnBraam
* opendata
=== Progress ===
The ipod can boot linux with the openiboot firmware which has to be build first. The openiboot firmware is not made for GCC6 and requires a few patches, it's also written for the arm-elf toolchain but I'm building it with the arm-eabi toolchain for now which seems to work.
This is also the slowest device yet since it uses a 412 Mhz ARMv6 single-core cpu (Samsung S5L8900) and 128 MB ram. It has also has the favorite GPU for any linux device porter: powervr (/s)
=== Links ===
* [ openiboot] (Great info on wiki)
* [ iphonelinux] (Also this wiki has a lot of useful info)
* [ pmos branch]

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