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Serial debugging

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== Nexus debug cable ==
The nexus phones multiplexed the serial debug lines with the headphone audio lines. To switch it into serial mode you have to supply -3V to the mic port. The uart UART lines themselves are 1.8V. If you use a 3.3V usb-to-uart adapter the signal from the phone will probably work, for the TX side you have to add a resistor divider to lover lower the voltage for the phone. Here's the schematic for a nexus debug cable:
Google open sourced their own [ debug cable design] in the AOSP repository.
NT: You will have a better luck with FTDI based serial cable.
== USB debug cable ==
The Suzy-Q debug cable isn't strictly a serial debug cable, it accesses the Closed Case Debugging system, it can access multiple busses on the device. This system was originally developed to debug chromebooks but has been used in the newer Pixel phones. Details for the Closed Case Debugging system can be found at
This cable should work with:

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