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Tips and tricks

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* Use it as a mini penetration testing device. As postmarketOS is a pure linux os, you can run [ Wireshark] and other penetration testing software with it.
* You can run full Desktop Environment, with [ Inkscape], [ GIMP] and full desktop browser(not mobile version) with extension in your device, .
=== VNC connection ===
Using x11vnc, which is in the Alpine repos. You need a running X server (e.g. running XFCE), then you just run x11vnc on the device in a terminal/tty and connect to it. From there, you can manipulate the previously running X server.
You might need to specify the X server if x11vnc does not detect it (e.g. by passing -display :0 to it or doing a export DISPLAY=:0 before running it, assuming the display is at :0)
=== Misc ===

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