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[[Category:Unsupported Devices]]
[[Category:Devices]]{{Infobox device| manufacturer =HTC| name = Droid DNA / Butterfly| codename = monarudo| image = File:HTC Droid DNA.jpg| imagecaption = HTC Droid DNA| releaseyear = 2012| originalsoftware = Android 4.1 on Linux 3.0.31| cpu = Qualcomm APQ8064 Snapdragon S4 Pro| gpu = Adreno 320| storage = 16GB| display = 1080x1920| memory = 2GB}}== Contributors ===
* Ross Schulman
=== Current Status ===
* Kernel builds
* Trying to flash the kernel with <code> flasher flash_system</code> or <code>flash_kernel</code> results in a <code>remote:not allowed</code> error, although this may be related to a corrupted partition table on my particular device.
=== What works ===
* Nothing yet
=== Links ===
* [ Working branch]
* [ Working CM boot.img and non-working pmOS kernel binaries]
=== Partition layout ===
! device
! size
=== What have I tried so far ===
* Pulling flash offsets from two different dlx ROMS. Both match each other and what we're using.
* Reflashing CM-12 just to be sure that the phone isn't totally bricked, but CM installs just fine and boots properly.
=== Some theories ===
* Ross Schulman's particular HTC Droid DNA is individually broken and/or not unlocked properly (but see the ability to flash and boot multiple different CyanogenMod versions)


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