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It also seems that the touchscreen is flipped vertically so that probably needs some calibration data in the dts.
=== Cameras ===
The camera's both share the csi-0 bus. Currently only the rear camera (OV5640) has mainline linux support.
The device tree stuff for the camera has been added but I haven't managed to get any frames from the camera yet. I'm not sure if this an issue with the OV5640 driver or with the allwinner csi kernel module.
It's also not clear how the camera switching would work on the software side, maybe Linux just deals with it if the device tree nodes for the second camera get added.
=== WiFi/Bluetooth ===
The kernel module for the RTL8723BS wifi/bluetooth module has been added but the interface for the wifi chip doesn't show up. There is some 802.11 stuff loaded in the kernel. Needs further debugging.
=== Modem ===
Haven't looked at yet
=== Sensors ===
All sensors work and are accessible as Industrial I/O (iio) devices in linux. To query the data you can cat the files in `/sys/class/iio/` to make the kernel module query the sensors
== See also ==
* {{MR|308|pmaports}} Initial merge request

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