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{{Infobox device
| manufacturer = PinePINE64
| name = Don't be evil (devkit)
| codename = pinepine64-dontbeevil
| image = File:Pine-dontbeevil.jpg
| imagecaption = The devkit for the PinePhone
| n-android = ✔
| whet_dhry = 706.5
| status_usbnet = -
| status_flashing = -
| status_touch = NP
| status_screen = Y
| status_wifi = NP
| status_xwayland = Y
| status_fde = N
| status_mainline = Y
| status_battery = NY| status_3d = NP
| status_accel = Y
| status_audio = NY
| status_bluetooth = N
| status_camera = NY| status_gps = NY| status_mobiledata = NY
| status_sms = N
| status_calls = N
=== Contributors ===
* ''[[user:MartijnBraam|MartijnBraam]]''
* ''[[user:Z3ntu|z3ntu]]''
== Serial console ==
The baudrate in u-boot and in Linux is 115200n8
On a functional devkit with a pmos SD card inserted you should get the standard u-boot console messages on the serial port as soon as you power the devkit on, and after that the linux kernel messages.
== Components ==
! Component
! Model
! MainlineDriver
| Touchscreen
| FocalTech FT6336GU
| edt_ft5x06TOUCHSCREEN_EDT_FT5X06
| Rear camera
| OmniVision OV5640
| Yes, ov5640VIDEO_OV5640|-| Camera flash| SGMICRO SGM3140| LEDS_SGM3140
| Front camera
| GalaxyCore GC2035GC2145
| Nope
| fitipower JD9365D| pine64/linuxDRM_PANEL_PINEPHONE_JD9365DA
| Wifi/BluetoothWiFi| Realtek RTL8723BS
| RTL8723BS
| CONFIG_RTL8723BS-| Bluetooth| Realtek RTL8723BS| BT_HCIUART_RTL
| Modem
| Quectel EC25-E
| Quectel EC25-E
| Magnetometer
| Ambient light / Proximity
| SensorTek STK3335
| works with stk3310STK3310
| Sixaxis
| InvenSense MPU-6050
| yesINV_MPU6050_I2C|-| Vibration motor| ?| INPUT_GPIO_VIBRA|-| Notification LED| LED0603RGB| LEDS_GPIO|-| Volume buttons| Buttons connected to the KEYADC| KEYBOARD_SUN4I_LRADC|-| Power button| X-Powers AXP803| INPUT_AXP20X_PEK|-| Battery fuel gauge| X-Powers AXP803| BATTERY_AXP20X
[ 3989.326377] input: generic ft5x06 (12) as /devices/platform/soc/1c2ac00.i2c/i2c-0/0-0038/input/input2
The communication to the touchscreen controller is only possible when power is supplied the the 4G modem using the hardware switch (the light should be off) since the power rail for the 4G modem is used as pull-up for the i2c bus that connects the touchscreen controller to the sopine.
=== Cameras ===
The camera's both share the csi-0 bus. Currently only the rear camera (OV5640) has mainline linux support.
The It's also not clear how the camera switching would work on the software side, maybe Linux just deals with it if the device tree stuff nodes for the second camera has been get added but I haven't managed to get any frames from the . The camera yet. I'm not sure if this an issue hardware pipeline is controlled with <code>/dev/media0</code> and <code>media-ctl</code>, the OV5640 driver or with the allwinner csi kernel moduleresult is on <code>/dev/video0</code> <source lang="shell-session">pine-dontbeevil:~# media-ctl --set-v4l2 '"ov5640 2-003c":0[fmt:UYVY8_2X8/1280x720]'pine-dontbeevil:~# ffmpeg -s 1280x720 -f video4linux2 -i /dev/video0 -vframes 1 selfie.jpg</source> [[File:PinePhone-rearcam-dev.png|frameless]]
It's also not clear how the === Camera Flash === The camera switching would work on flash consist out of a SG Micro SGM3140 "500mA Buck/Boost Charge Pump LED Driver" and a EHP-C04 LED. The driver supports Flash and Torch mode, the software sidefirst being brighter but only for about 300ms, maybe Linux just deals with when it if switches to Torch mode. Torch mode is lower brightness but can be turned on continuously. <source lang="shell-session"># Turn on Flash, wait 0.3s, turn offecho 1 > /sys/class/leds/sgm3140-flash/flash_strobesleep 0.3echo 0 > /sys/class/leds/sgm3140-flash/flash_strobe</source> <source lang="shell-session"># Turn on Torchecho 1 > /sys/class/leds/sgm3140-flash/brightness# Turn off Torchecho 0 > /sys/class/leds/sgm3140-flash/flash_strobe</source>  === WiFi === WiFi generally works but the device tree nodes for driver is quite sporadic when it wants to work. Rebooting/rmmod and modprobe'ing the second camera get addeddriver/rfkill block - unblock helps. <source lang="dmesg">[ 1962.148414] RTL8723BS: set bssid:e4:8d:8c:49:44:e2[ 1962.148468] RTL8723BS: set ssid [BrixIT] fw_state = 0x00000088[ 1962.159624] RTL8723BS: start auth[ 1962.161053] RTL8723BS: auth success, start assoc[ 1972.568295] RTL8723BS: set bssid:00:00:00:00:00:00[ 1985.233165] RTL8723BS: set bssid:e4:8d:8c:49:44:e2[ 1985.233228] RTL8723BS: set ssid [BrixIT] fw_state = 0x00000088[ 1985.304510] RTL8723BS: start auth[ 1985.306184] RTL8723BS: auth success, start assoc[ 1995.657207] RTL8723BS: set bssid:00:00:00:00:00:00[ 2006.185941] RTL8723BS: set bssid:e4:8d:8c:49:44:e2[ 2006.185994] RTL8723BS: set ssid [BrixIT] fw_state = 0x00000088[ 2006.193313] RTL8723BS: start auth[ 2006.194839] RTL8723BS: auth success, start assoc[ 2010.497801] RTL8723BS: set bssid:00:00:00:00:00:00</source>
=== WiFi/Bluetooth ===
The kernel module for the RTL8723BS wifi/bluetooth module has been added but the interface for the wifi chip doesn't show up. There is some 802a patch series on lkml.11 stuff loaded A v2 for this series is in the kernel. Needs further debuggingprogress.
=== Modem ===
HavenReceiving text messages works. Calls should work too but weren't looked at tested yet.
=== Sensors ===
=== RGB Led === The <code>stk3310</code> module RGB led works with the led driver, but due to hardware bugs there can be only one led active at the same time and the blue led doesn't load automatically, after running work because some pins are reversed.<codesource lang="shell-session">modprobe stk3310<# Activate LEDecho 1 > /sys/class/leds/$COLOR/codebrightness# Deactivate LEDecho 0 > the third device in `/sys/busclass/leds/$COLOR/brightness</iio` should show up.source> === Audio ===
=== RGB Led =Speakers ==== Sound output should work after unmuting <code>AIF1 Slot 0 digital</code> ==== Mic ==== Doesn't work yet.
All the required gpio-led stuff is added to the device tree but the gpio-led module doesn=== USB ===Doesn't do anything. No led deviceswork for MartijnBraam, No errors, No log messagesreported to work for other people.
== See also ==
* {{MR|308|pmaports}} Initial merge request

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