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== IRC ==
The following three channels are bridged to freenodeFreenode, so that everyone can talk together (mind the <code>##</code> for offtopic!):
=== Help and guidelines for new IRC and Matrix users ===
As with every Matrix room and IRC channel, we encourage you to stay around for a while after you ask a question, and listen to the various discussions.
Some people usually read everything that happens there, so it is likely that someone will answer you ''if they have the answer''.
Remember that when you close your IRC client to go sleep, you miss out on half the planet. Please consider using Matrix for offline history and better rich-media support.
Special note for Matrix userusers: you can set the notifications setting to "Mentions only" so that you will only disturbed when someone writes your name.
== I'm getting kicked out of the channels! Or nobody hears me when I speak! ==


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